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Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing - Rollers

In our workshops we can manufacture any type of Anilox rollers up to 4100mm overall length using high precision turning and grinding machinery.

All of our rollers are manufactured to the highest quality and in line with OEM specifications and tolerances.

Anilox rollers can be manufactured in lightweight construction using balanced tube material. All of our rollers are balanced and stress relieved in accordance to the size and customer requirements.

We can manufacture using Steel, Stainless steel, and Aluminium along with other composite materials as requested.

The construction of the Anilox body is vital for long term use and future refurbishment. The construction methods we use guarantee a long life for the Anilox roller.

Manufacturing - Sleeves

We can manufacture Anilox sleeves to high tolerances based on the mandrel size required. All sleeves are constructed with an inner glass fibre sleeve with either aluminium or steel outer sleeve. Using the very latest bonding methods we can guarantee long life from our Anilox sleeves. All the sleeves are then finished with Stainless Steel end protection rings for protection from end damage and chemical cleaning processes.

Refurbishment Service

We offer a full refurbishment service for any Anilox rollers and sleeves. All rollers and sleeves received are given a full inspection to determine the scope of refurbishment required. Our fully comprehensive service includes journal/shaft repairs or replacement, impact damage repairs and stainless steel build, and weld repairs as required.

We ensure all rollers or sleeves refurbished are as good as new when returned to our customers.

Our Technical Sales team are trained to offer the best advice for all repairs to give the maximum life back into your rollers.

Plasma Technology - Ceramic Coating

The Metallisation PS50 is the ideal tool for the application of Chrome Oxide
(ceramic) coatings for Anilox rollers and sleeves.
Chrome oxide coatings applied with the Metallisation PS50 are very dense,
homogenous and reproducible. Combined with high purity chrome oxide
powders we can ensure high quality, low porosity (<2%) coatings to ensure
efficient engraving and long term wear resistance.

Anti-Corrosion Sealing

Our specially formulated and tested ‘ALTex’ sealing method is applied to the Ceramic coating. Following years of testing different methods and products we developed this unique process. This will ensure against any chance of long term corrosion issues and also assists the engraving process allowing a smooth efficient burn/engraving process to ensure we achieve the high consistency during the laser engraving process.


Laser Engraving Technology

We have continually invested since 2011 in all areas of the business and operate using Fibre-Optic laser engraving technology capable of engraving up to 4700mm face length. This technology eliminates the use of gases and is a static low power system using very highly efficient multi beam technology. The RH Optronic Ultra laser systems allow us to produce highly consistent engraving up to 790l/cm. Our state of the art software also helps us to develop innovative cell shapes such as our Nano Technology.

We have a commitment to cell development and are constantly investing time to develop these areas with our customers.

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