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Plasma Ceramic Coatings

Our Plasma Ceramic coating division newly opened in May 2020, houses state of the art equipment. The Plasma thermal spraying system supplied by Metallisation UK Ltd was specifically designed for the application of our ceramic coating.

This unique system is for the application of both our Chrome Oxide (Ceramic) and our Bond Coat (Nickel). The plasma coatings applied with the PS50 plasma system ensure a dense, homogenous product. Combined with high purity chrome oxide powders we can ensure high quality, low porosity (<2%) coatings to ensure efficient engraving and long-term wear resistance.

The Metallisation PS50 Plasma System is unique to Anilox Laser Technology and has been custom built to our requirement with some specific features.

Our large format system allows us to accommodate rollers up to 4 meters in length and up to 700mm diameter.

What is the plasma coating process?
The Plasma Spray Process is basically the spraying of molten or heat softened material onto a surface to provide a coating. Material in the form of powder is injected into a very high temperature plasma flame, where it is rapidly heated and accelerated to a high velocity.

How does plasma spray work?
The plasma spray process uses a DC electric arc to generate a stream of high temperature ionised plasma gas, which acts as the spraying heat source. The coating material, in powder form, is carried in an inert gas stream into the plasma jet where it is heated and propelled towards the substrate.

Benefits of the Metallisation PS50 plasma system:

'ALTex' - Unique sealing process
Anti-Corrosion Sealing

Our specially formulated and tested ‘ALTex’ sealing method is applied to the Ceramic coating to create an anti-corrosion barrier.

Following years of testing different methods and products we developed this unique process. This will ensure against any chance of long-term corrosion issues and also assists the engraving process allowing a smooth efficient burn/engraving process to ensure we achieve the high consistency during the laser engraving process.

Our ‘ALTex’ sealant is developed to help encourage the cell release characteristics of inks, coatings and adhesives, this helps greatly in reducing particle blocking and ensuring efficient movement of coatings and pigments.

The ‘ALTex’ sealant is applied at all stages of the coating process to ensure maximum saturation is achieved.

The ‘ALTex’ coating along with the Bond Coat (nickel) both play a critical part in ensuring the base and ceramic coating of the roller or sleeve are protected against corrosion and the porosity levels are sealed to minimise migration of coating/ink through the ceramic and down to the roller/sleeve base.

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